Poor aftersales support from HTC Philippines and WSI PhoneCare

I have been an HTC fan ever since. I’ve had the first commercial Android phone released to the public, an HTC G1. I tried to get myself a Google Nexus One before but it was too much of a hassle so I got myself it’s twin, the HTC Desire, instead. My latest HTC phone was the HTC One.

I bought my HTC One last December when my phone that time died on me. As usual, I was very satisfied with the phone except for its disappointing camera. It did the job for me for my day-to-day tasks. It was the phone I brought with me to the US, good thing I bought an unlocked version. I used it to snap photos of my trip so most of my photos were there since I did not bring any camera with me.

A few weeks after I came back to the Philippines, my One just died on me. I just left it on my table at work with around 40-60% battery then realized it won’t power on anymore when I came back. I read stuff on the Internet on how to fix the problem. I tried charging it overnight, pressing a combination of buttons for more than 10 seconds and flashing a bright light on the proximity sensor, and other things that worked for others but didn’t work for me.

It was the cue that I had to bring it to the service center. I tried to go to one of their service centers in Ali Mall. I was told that they’re gonna wipe all my phone’s contents so I decided not to leave it there yet. I tried to revive the phone on my own but to no avail until finally on the 10th of April I decided to bring it in WSI PhoneCare in Makati.

I was told that they’ll be wiping my phone’s contents and it would take them one (1) to two (2) months to service my phone since the parts still need to be shipped here in the Philippines. It was disappointing since they don’t stock parts here even for their flagship phone. I was left with little to no choice so I eventually agreed. For me, it meant ‘goodbye photos taken in the US’ and no smartphone for up to two months.

Since the first month of my phone in the service center, I’ve been trying to reach them on their hotline 4038951. I’ve been calling them for an entire week already but no one’s answering their phones. I’m stuck with the interactive voice response (IVR) system and getting on-hold indefinitely waiting for a human to talk to me.

I read similar feedback from other customers on HTC Philippines’ Facebook page. There were even cases when their phone has been with the service center for four months already and can’t get an update from WSI PhoneCare. Others were fortunate enough to talk to a human being to get an update on their devices, only to be told that their devices are still waiting for parts even though it’s past the two months that was promised. 🙁

I really like the design and build quality of HTC phones, but I hope they improve their aftersales support here in the Philippines.

If you can handle the stress of poor aftersales support, then I’d definitely recommend getting an HTC smartphone. If not, consider other phones such as Sony, Motorola or LG. I’m never a fan of Samsung’s boring design.

5 thoughts on “Poor aftersales support from HTC Philippines and WSI PhoneCare”

  1. any news on your phone? i am experiencing the same thing. i gave my phone to them last march 11 and until now.. they are still waiting for the parts.

  2. HTC offers very expensive phone yet very poor customer service and aftersales support. I sent my phone to their service center in Makati last August 13 but until now I haven’t heard from them yet, I was told at first it would take 2-3 months to repair but when I called last month the lady told me she can’t give me any assurance anymore.The next time I tried to call, the phone just kept on ringing, no one’s answering.I tried calling them for not less then 30 times and yet no one seemed to have answered any of my calls and no one even replied to my text messages.Do you have their contact number in WSI Makati in Kakarong Sir?HTC’s customer support is hopeless.

  3. I bought an HTC One M7 last Sunday (to replace my Google Nexus 5 because the recent Lollipop update took a serious toll on its battery – from the already mediocre to more mediocre). The opening salvo my new HTC One has presented me since Sunday is that it refuses to charge at home (or in the office) even with all the hours I charged it last night. However, the phone was charging when I brought it to the store yesterday.

    Anyway, I woke up early morning today thinking maybe I should bring the phone to its service center. Reading your article however makes me cringe at the fact that HTC Philippines’s service center here excels in being worse. Moral of the story: Never be deceived by HTC’s look and build. It’s just good on the outside but cannot keep up in real life.

  4. FYI Service Center in Amorsolo Makati is no longer accepting “walk-in” request, instead they will advise you to visit their Drop-Off Center at WSI Technical Center GF WSI Corporate Center, 1005 Metropolitan Ave. cor Kakarong St. Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Makati.
    Tel 403-8951 or 621-6167
    Lunch break 1pm – 2pm.

    I also got same problem — Dead HTC One 🙁
    *praying for fast recovery .. 🙁

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