Philippine credit cards with free lounge access and other benefits

Air travel is stressful, especially in the Philippines. On your trip to the airport, you have to factor in traffic. If you try to leave just in time, there’s always the risk of not making it to your flight. Leaving early is safer, but if you arrive too early you’ll end up spending a lot of time at the airport – and airports are boring.

Fortunately, there are credit cards that give you free lounge access . Yes, free lounge access – even if you fly economy on a low-cost carrier. I’ve flown at least 27 times last 2016, and in most of them I’ve waited in an airport lounge. Take note though that no Philippine credit card offers lounge access for domestic flights.

These credit cards also offer other benefits such as travel insurance, converting your reward points to mileage program miles, etc.

Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit Card by Unionbank (VISA)

Even if I don’t have this credit card, I can’t deny that this card offers the most perks. This credit card gives is perfect for those who fly Cebu Pacific a lot. Despite the lack of access to international lounges, its other benefits made up for it.


  • For every P30 spend, you’ll receive 1 GetGo point.
  • Priority check-in on all Cebu Pacific (5J) flights, domestic or international!
  • Free 5kg free baggage allowance (FBA) for all Cebu Pacific flights.
  • Early access to Cebu Pacific seat sale.
  • Exclusive promotions (hello, seat sales!) to cardholders.
  • Unlimited lounge access to:
  • Travel insurance of up to P10 million.
  • Contactless payments with VISA Paywave.
  • Income requirement: P100,000/mo or about P1,200,000/yr.
  • Annual fee: P5,000, no info if waivable.

Pros: It’s a VISA credit card so it’s widely accepted. Priority check-in for 5J flights so you can skip the line!

Cons: You have to be burgis to skip the line as you need to have a gross monthly income of at least P100,000 to get this card. Sorry commoners, but for you to feel good isipin mo nalang they’re like you Cebu Pacific parin sinakyan!

Unionbank Miles+ Platinum (VISA)

I have a bias over Unionbank Miles+ Platinum because this is my first credit card. The card’s finish is in matte black, which gives it a very premium feel.


  • P50 local spend for 1 Mabuhay Mile or 1 GetGo point.
  • P33 travel-related spend (overseas or hotel or airline) for 1 Mabuhay Mile or 1 GetGo point.
  • Unlimited lounge access to:
    • Skyview Lounge (MNL; Terminal 3),
    • Club Manila Lounge (MNL; Terminal 1),
    • MIASCOR Lounge (MNL; Terminal 1)
    • MIASCOR Lounge (DVO)
  • Travel insurance of up to P10,000,000
  • Contactless payments with Visa Paywave.
  • Income requirement: P600,000/yr
  • Annual fee: P3,000, waivable as per experience

Pros: Unlimited (and free) supplementary cards. Lounge access benefit also extends to supplementary cards. To get this card, you only need P600,000 gross annual income.

Cons: Low mileage conversation ratio. P50, ughhh.

BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard

This card is generous in its free travel insurance coverage. You also get Delta SkyMiles, but if you don’t fly Delta or other SkyTeam airlines (Korean Air, Air France, KLM, among others) often then this miles won’t be useful for you.

  • P45 per SkyMiles mile, double that for Delta ticket purchases.
  • Access to Pacific Club Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3 only. 🙁
  • Travel insurance of up to P20,000,000.
  • Contactless payments with MasterCard PayPass
  • Income requirement: P1,000,000
  • Annual fee: P5,000, waivable for the first year

Pros: The card feels elite.

Cons: Access to one lounge only, despite the steep income requirement.

Citibank Premiermiles Visa

This one’s a Visa Signature, so you can brag to your friends that you have a card higher than platinum. I have the Hong Kong version of this one but unfortunately they don’t have the PayWave feature in the HK version. It’s actually a good one since you can convert your points to miles for different airlines.

  • P30 per mile,
  • Access to:
    • MIASCOR Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1 for three (3) reward points, permitted to bring one guest subject for another three (3) reward points,
    • SkyView Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 for three (3) reward points, permitted to bring one guest subject for another three (3) reward points,
    • selected Plaza Premium Lounges (my staple lounge in HK) for free!
  • Travel insurance of up to P1,000,000
  • Income requirement: P360,000/yr
  • Annual fee: P5,000/yr

Pros: Good spend-to-mileage ratio, so you can rack up points faster for your favorite airline. Access to many lounge around the world! And to beat them all, low required annual income! P30,000/mo na sweldo lang pasok ka na dito!

Cons: High annual fee, but worth it if you use the lounges often. You can almost always have this waived anyway.

BDO Visa Platinum

This is the ugliest card in this list. Old VISA logo plus the ugly typeface used in the Platinum symbol. Seriously. This card isn’t really a travel card but it still boasts P20,000,000 travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance of up to P20,000,000
  • Priority Pass membership once you’ve reached an accumulated P50,000 spend on hotels and airlines. You also receive one free Priority Pass voucher every P50,000 spend, single or accumulated. There’s a catch though, each receipt should be at least P20,000.
  • Priority Pass gives you access to:
    • Pagstop and MIASCOR Lounge at NAIA 1,
    • MIASCOR Lounge at NAIA 1,
    • Pacific Club Lounge at NAIA 3,
    • Skyview Lounge at NAIA 3,
    • and a lot of other lounges around the world!
  • Income requirement: P100,000/mo or P1,200,000/yr
  • Annual fee: P4,500/yr

Pros: Potential access to a lot of lounges and generous travel insurance.

Cons: Ugly card. High income requirement. You have to spend a lot to get those Priority Pass. Take note, yung resibo at least P20,000 ha! If you spend that much, you should be able to afford lounge access!

Note on travel insurance

In comparing which card to get, don’t factor in the coverage of their travel insurance when deciding. You’ll only max out the P20,000,000 in case something really bad happens to you. The odds of dying in a plane crash is said to be somewhere in the tune of 1 in 11,000,000!

Having a complimentary travel insurance is good, di mo na kailangan bilhin inuupsell ni Cebu Pacific na travel insurance. Ilang daan rin yun per flight.

Take note though that to avail this, you have to pay your entire plane ticket using your credit card.

Which cards do I use?

I personally use a combination of cards for lounge access. I use Unionbank for unlimited lounge access for the lounges at NAIA Terminal 3 and use my HK-issued Citibank Premiermiles for the Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong. I have to spend HK$5,000 though for the 30 days following my visit for the HK version.

For mileage, I use:

  • Unionbank Miles+ Platinum – I’ve redeemed tons of Mabuhay Miles from them already and flown a lot for free. Spend-to-miles ratio is quite high though.
  • Citi (HK) Premiermiles – I tried to funnel all my spending to this card to get 30,000 free miles as part of their welcome offer, but I had to spend a lot though. I use this for racking up AsiaMiles.
  • Standard Chartered (HK) AsiaMiles – Average spend-to-mileage ratio, but points are automatically converted to AsiaMiles so it’s a “passive” way of earning miles. They also had a good welcome offer of HK$0.5 = 1 mile, and I maxed out the maximum number of miles redeemable for their offer.

VISA vs MasterCard vs AMEX?

There’s no much difference with VISA and MasterCard. Both of them are widely accepted in stores in the Philippines that accept credit cards. Their concierge service (phone concierge) are both helpful.

Just don’t get an AMEXpahirapan maghanap ng tatanggap. Even Cebu Pacific doesn’t accept American Express!

Do you have any of those credit cards? Or did I miss anything?

Share your experience in applying for those credit cards in the comments section . If you know any other benefit that I failed to list or is secretly offered to cardholders, spill it to us.

60 thoughts on “Philippine credit cards with free lounge access and other benefits”

  1. Hi,
    Could you still have free access on NAIA lounges with UnionBank GetGo Platinum Visa even if you’re flying in another airlines (e.g. SQ)?


    1. Supplementary cardholders can also avail of that benefit. Have tried it, buong pamilya ko supplementary ko.

      1. How many supplementary yung free sa lounge? Sa RCBC kasi only one pax, even if he/she is not your supple. Then sa Unionbank Miles+ tama ba ako they don’t have the +1? Thanks

  2. hi
    for Unionbank Miles+ Platinum (VISA)
    – can i bring in a guest for free?
    – what’s the requirement for annual fee to be waived?
    – as per UB website, mileage is P25 = 1.5pts?
    thanks in advance for the help.

    1. No, you can’t bring a guest. I just called them up to have the fee waived. You need 2 points for 1 mile.

    2. Based on my experience, as long as wala kang pending na loan/terms okay sila mag waive ng Annual Fee. Never paid an annual fee for 5 years for several cards. I had this experience kay Eastwest. I didn’t use it for a year then may SOA ng annual fee, it took me 2 months to call them to ask for the reversal, sabi ng agent: sorry sir two months na kasi ito then I told her: What can you do to help me? Can you request to waive it kasi if not I’ll close this card. Then after my next SOA, zero na ulit yung amount due ko meaning they still reversed it and nag increase pa yung credit limit ko without my request maybe they saw the limit of my other cards. Then this thing happened, I requested for reversal kay Unionbank Getgo, I have 4 supple then one of my supple used it for a 6 months payable purchase so during the charging of the annual fee, he still needs to pay 3/6 for the paylite something and to my suprise, my request for waiving my fee was declined.

  3. Hi Mikko! Re Citibank PremierMiles Card, how do u waive the annual fee? Citibank PH site says:
    “Avail of the Annual Fee voucher at 18,800 PremierMiles for Principal cardholder and 9,400 PremierMiles for Supplementary cardholder.”
    Thank you!

  4. I have both Unionbank Platinum Mastercard and Visa (not Miles+) and both gives free access to Club Manila in T1. However, only the Unionbank Platinum Mastercard gives free access to Skyview Lounge in T3. My Citibank Premieremiles Signature gives free to access for myself plus one guest to Miascor in T1 and Skyview in T3. Once I was able to gain free access for myself and two companions at T3 Skyview Lounge by using a combination of my Unionbank MC Platinum and Citibank PM Signature. I’ve used my Citibank PM Signature Plaza Premium Lounges abroad but free access is granted only to the cardholder (no guest).

    To add to the pros for Unionbank is that it’s very easy to request for the full waiver of the annual fees even if you hardly use the card. I’m also quite impressed with their customer service phone agents. My Citibank’s Premiermiles Signature charges the most at P 5,000/year and the most discount that I got was 50% off.

  5. this is really helpful, i just got my Citi Premiermiles, Unionbank Miles+ and BDO Amex. Citi is the most generous in miles however im a bit worried because the annual fee is really PRICEY at 5000 PHP so im not sure if i could waive this by next year. Do they have a spending requirement for this to be waived?

  6. Hi sir, may i ask if i can use my Citi Premiere miles card in NAIA 1 or 3 lounges even if Im flying via PAL in NAIA 2. This will be my first time to use the airport lounge if ever. Thanks ?

    1. Hi Malou,

      Unfortunately, the lounges are in the airside (past immigration and security) so you won’t be able to go to this part of Terminal 3 unless you have a flight departing there. 🙁

    1. I’m not sure about the guest policy. What I did was, buong pamilya ko binigyan ko ng supplementary so we all get to use the lounge when we travel.

      1. Hi Mikko! How about kids, are they allowed in the Skyview T3 Lounge with GetGo Platinum card? If not, how much do we have to pay?

  7. In PH lounges, is it only allowed if your flight is international?

    Or kahit domestic flight? Wala ata access TERM 3 Domestic Departure to International Departure 🙁

    1. Yes, all those lounges are in the international wing. There’s no way to access the international departures side unless you have a boarding pass for an international flight. 🙁

  8. Unfortunately, there has been a change in the lounge access privilege of Citi Premiere Miles.
    As per the Citi website:

    “Continue to enjoy access to Miascor, Sky View and select international lounges by registering for a free DragonPass membership – your new ticket to a network of over 1,000 lounges around the world.
    We encourage you to create your DragonPass account now. By January 31, 2018, you will only be able to access the participating lounges when you present your DragonPass e-Card.”

    The catch is, you are only given 2 free lounge access per year. After that, you get a 20% discount in the fee for lounge access.
    As noted in the website again:


    2 complimentary lounge passes every DragonPass membership year.*If you are a Citi PremierMiles or a Citi Platinum Visa cardholder, you are entitled to create only 1 DragonPass account and to enjoy 2 complimentary lounge passes per DragonPass membership year. If you have both these cards, you still entitled to only one DragonPass Account with 2 complimentary visits per DragonPass membership year.
    20% off on lounge access fees for your succeeding and additional guest visits (Discounted rates are published on the DragonPass App). ”

    Now I’m reconsidering my Citi PremiereMiles membership. Unionbank Miles sounds more promising now, although it doesn’t have the Plaza Premium Lounge access of Citi PremiereMiles.

    1. Me too. I just enrolled with dragonpass, but that Citibank suscks now. Considering getting another teavel card.

    2. Do we have to make some kind of connection between Dragon Pass and the Citi card? I installed the Dragon Pass app in my phone but what next?

      1. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just link your Citi PremierMiles card. Once done, you’ll then be given a Dragon Pass card number and QR Code (in the app). All you need to do is show this to the lounge staff.

  9. The citi premiermiles card just gave me 50% discount for the 5,000 membership fee. According to them, there is no spend requirement for it to be waived. I will be using the free access for the airport lounge with my family by November of this year for the first time.

  10. I am accompanied by 2 other guests and we want to access Skyview lounge but I have 2 credit cards with unlimited access to the lounge can the 3 of us access the lounge using the combination of these cards ?

  11. last time i was there, a friend of mine used his rcbc platinum black card. is that still an acceptable to go in to the sky lounge? thanks

  12. My favorite is the humble Security Bank Cards (Classic to World) since they have zero percent foreign currency transaction fees

    1. I applied for a Security Bank credit card because of this, but when I used it in Tokyo, their “0% foreign transaction fees” came out more expensive than the 0.75% foreign transaction fee of my BPI card. I’m guessing they’re using a very disadvantageous exchange rate. Very disappointing so I’m cutting up the Security Bank credit card once they try to charge me annual fees.

  13. Hi sir Mikko, clarification lang po regarding BPI skymiles platinum mastercard. Can i bring one guest at pacific club lounge or just me alone lang . Thank you in advance.

  14. Hi Mikko

    Is it normal na they copy the CVV of your credit card? particularly sa sky view lounge, they ask for the CVV of the card kasi nung ngpunta ako

  15. For credit card holders with free access sa Skyview Lounge, will they swipe your credit card to avail this free access? Or you will just present the credit card together with boarding pass? What’s the procedure?

    1. For most credit cards, you’ll just have to present your boarding pass and boarding pass. They will log it in a piece of paper and you have to sign on it. They won’t have to swipe your card.

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