Locked out? 24-hour locksmith in Hong Kong

After a long day of work, getting locked out from your home is an awful event. But you eventually have to get in and get your rest. Fortunately, we have a 24-hour locksmith in Hong Kong who’s always on the go to rescue you.

I’ve been locked out of my home multiple times before. Usually, I remember it right after I close my locked door. It’s too bad though that my door is secure. The usual tricks/remedies you see online doesn’t work with my door. Instead of stressing myself further, I just call my ever-reliable locksmith of choice.

You can contact the 24-hour locksmith thru the following channels:
Phone: 27812860
Whatsapp: 92316854

He would ask for a photo of my lock, ask for my location then quote a price. The locksmith usually arrives within 30-40 minutes but I believe it depends on your area.

It doesn’t come cheap though so I’d strongly suggest to keep a spare key with a friend, in your office or somewhere near home where no one would suspect you’d hide it from there. If you do the last option, make sure not to put any information which door that key’s gonna open. Think about your safety!

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