Poor service from HTC Philippines and their service center

I must admit that HTC smartphones are aesthetically-pleasing. The build quality is at par or better with the iPhone and obviously no match to the flagship phones of Samsung which looks pretty much the same and has the plastic feel. But before buying an HTC device, you might want to consider their poor aftersales support.

TL;DR timeline

  • March 2014: phone conked out
  • April 10: sent phone to WSI PhoneCare and was given estimate that my phone should be ready in one (1) to two (2) months.
  • May 2014: called service center. Most calls left unanswered. Was given an estimate that my phone should be ready by June.
  • June 10: called them. Phone still waiting for parts. Expecting shipment of parts by July.

Last April 10, 2014, I sent my HTC One (the first iteration) to WSI Phonecare (contact details) for repair. My HTC One, out of the blue, just won’t turn on despite having 40-60% battery. I tried charging it for hours using two different chargers, the bundled charger and my friend’s HTC One charger. After they assessed my phone, I was told that they don’t keep parts so they still need to be backordered. I was given an estimate that my phone will be released within one (1) to two (2) months.

After the first month, I tried calling them to ask for follow-ups. Most of the time, my calls were left unanswered. I was fortunate to contact them once May and was given an estimate that my phone should be ready by June.

Earlier, I called them again to ask for another follow-up. I was told my phone is still awaiting for parts and that they are expecting a shipment this July. I asked if lend out service phones but I am yet to get a feedback from them.

This frustrated me so I decided to call HTC Philippines (contact number) to report my case. The agent I talked to (I was not sure if it was Grace or Kris, employee number: PH000089) was nice and courteous but I realized she’s not in the perfect position to resolve my issue so I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor. Unfortunately, her supervisor wasn’t available that time and was offered a callback within the day.

I am not sure if HTC Philippines is aware of the situation of their service center or not – if they are aware that their partner service center don’t stock parts. During the time I sent it, the new HTC One still wasn’t released in the Philippines yet. My phone, the older HTC One, was still their flagship phone so it makes no sense not to stock parts of a flagship phone. Moreover, lending a service phone during the repair process should be a standard. It’s such a huge inconvenience to have no smartphone to use.

I’m not convincing you not to buy a HTC smartphone. In fact, they’re the best phones I owned (except for the subpar camera compared to other manufacturer’s flagship phones). It’s up to you if you want to play safe and avoid them (to avoid the headache of their aftersales support) or enjoy their wonderful phones and hope it won’t suffer the same fate as mine.

Contact Details

HTC Philippines
PLDT Toll-free: 180014410789
Globe Toll-free: 180089086588
Business Hours: 9am to 9pm Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm on Sundays

WSI PhoneCare, Inc (service center)
8th Floor Don Pablo Building
114 Amorsolo St, Legazpi Village
Phone: (02) 4038951

Drop-off Points

Quezon City
UG Floor of Ali Mall
Araneta Center, Cubao
Quezon City
Open from Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 9pm

Makati City
UG of WSI Corporate Bldg
Kakarong St Metropolitan Ave
Makati City
Open from Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm

Batangas City
2F Robinson Lipa
Lipa, Batangas City
Open from Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 8pm

Cebu City
Door C
345 M. J. Cuenco Ave cor L. Tudtud St.
Mabolo, Cebu City
Open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am to 5pm

Davao City
Unit 11 Plug Holdings Bldg.
141 R. Castillo St.
Agdao, Davao City
Open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm

23 thoughts on “Poor service from HTC Philippines and their service center”

  1. Hi, may i ask if u already got ur phone from wsi? We had the same situation, i brought my htc there last may but until now i still got the same status that they are still waiting for parts

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have exactly the same dilemma with HTC (well, different concern, still needing repairs though). It’s a breather to know I’m not alone; but doesnt make the situation better. Despite their good phones, I am never buying an HTC unit ever again. I hope you got yours fixed. Mine still isnt (mainly because I pulled it out of WSI after 2 months).

  3. Hello. Happy new year!

    What’s the update regarding this? I want to send my HTC One in for repair too but it seems like all I hear about their service centers are negative.
    I’m also a fan of HTC phones. I’ve had eight HTCs ever since and I have the One M7 now. All my past HTC phones were good and they never had problems except the batteries needing replacement. That’s my problem now with my One, and the battery is not user-replaceable. I want to have my camera sensor replaced too coz like many others, this has the pink/purple plague.

  4. I’ve read a similar story about this service center from a different blogger. I, too, plan to take my HTC One M7 to their service center for a battery replacement. Sadly, they are the only HTC repair center in the Philippines as far as my search goes. So, anong nangyari sir? Did you get yours repaired eventually?

  5. Any updates? I need to send my htc one x (with extended warranty) to WSI but i’m hesitating because to lack of parts and repairing htc might take so long. My LCD have stain and i think its covered by warranty. Btw, the reason I purchase/procure extended warranty because HTC told me that even if my LCD was broken it will be covered.

    1. Their warranty sucks and it takes a reeeaaallly long time. But if its under warranty by the time you give it to them, they will even replace it with a new phone, with almost the same amount as u bought the old one i guess.. You just have to be really patient, but if they cant fix it, replacement it is! This is based from experience. And of course it will be a New HTC phone again. 🙂

  6. i have the exact same problem. I had my HTC One M7 checked at the service center in Amorsolo September last year. I was informed that it would take 2-3 months for the cam module to arrive. I made monthly follow ups until March, when I got fed up. So i called the HTC hotline (1800) and got connected to an agent who connected me with Andrew, a supervisor. He made some inquiries at WSI then he called me back to say that the parts have arrived and I could have it serviced that week (2nd week March). I delayed going to WSI for a week to make sure the parts were really there. So i went to WSI 18 March 2015, I was told that the parts were NOT available. So obviously, bad trip na bad trip ako. So I asked to be connected to Gilbert Bachar, OIC of HTC in the Phils, so he did some checking and he found out that the parts were in fact just sitting in their warehouse. Finally got my phone serviced, will get it within the week. I wonder if HTC head office is aware of the crappy after sales service here. Sayang super ganda pa naman ng HTC.

  7. HTC service at WSI is quite slow and a challenge to deal with. I wish a good customer service provider is available.
    I don’t recommend WSI but unfortunately it’s the only one available in the Philippines.

  8. I send my htc one m7 for check up problem of not charging as the technician advised me that it need replacement of the power ic unit so the only solution to find a broken htc one m7 also here in philippines to avail the parts one phone should be sacrifice but you need to pay the other person who is willing to volunteer.

  9. If anyone with the same problem which is not charging or turning on its the power ic problem and those who are willing to sell the parts need we can negotiate.

  10. My HTC phone is original and made in Taiwan, HTC main company. I suggest guys if you are going to buy HTC phones, you buy it rather than here in the Philippines. Most of the phone has no available parts and accessories mostly all models. Sometimes it doesn’t match your phone. Tsaka nung nagkaproblema ako sa phone ko hindi ganun ka clear ang sagot ng HTC Philippines sa akin kasi yung HTC phone ko hindi ko nabili sa Pilipinas kundi sa ibang bansa.

  11. Hello, good pm.’ Mag tatanong lang po ako, Kung saan and exact bldg o address ang service center nyo sa davao.’ Can I have the contact # po sa inchrge Doon? Can you send to my email? Please.’

  12. Hello.’ Is anyone Jan nah same ang sira ng HTC phone ko? Ung sim kasi hndi dumedetect sa phone, bglang mg system error then nag rerestrt tapos rerestrt…d nmn mhagilap mga srvce cntr nla

  13. My HTC Desire 620G DS from saudi too needs an LCD Screen replacement, and i just lost hope expecting to receive a proper service from their PH Service center. Although i can really fix it myself but the shipments of material is not available here in PH or Needed too much time to ship.. What a bad experience for HTC.. RIP my Phone.. Not ever again to HTC..

  14. Same here! I have htc one pero biglang dead batt lage. Pag echacharge ko charging nmn after few sec 75% na agad. Ngcontact na ako mg htc tech via phone pro system update dw eh hindi na nga ma open kahit nkakabit na charger. San po ba exact location nghtc service center d2 sa pinas?

  15. Ok guys I’ve owned HTC phones since the HTC HD2, Now that the HTC One is a monoblock construction it is almost impossible to repair unless there is a software issue. I had one fail in the UK a few years ago and they gave me a fixed price repair and simply replaced my phone. Anyone telling you they are waiting for parts is probably just hoping to wait you out guessing that after long enough and enough excuses you’ll go away and stop bothering them.

  16. Nag rerestart din yung phone ko at ayaw din mag charge.. may update naba kayo saan matino na repair center dito sa pinas?

  17. where can i find service center of htc here in pangasinan or nearby like tarlac city or baguio my htc battery need replacement it a built in battery . pls reply

  18. I also have the same problem. The phone was working really well hanggang sa nagba-black screen then a week later or so, bigla nalang sya namatay at ayaw na mag on. Pag china charj, blinking lang yung orange led light na dapat ay steady lng.

    I already brought it to 2 diff local repair shop pero di nila kinaya at di nila alam anong issue.

    May chance pa kayang magawa to? And saan HTC Service Centre dito sa Pinas?

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