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Side projects once more!

Ever since I started in my job at Scrapinghub, I realized that I stopped doing side projects – projects that I love to do on my free time. One of the main reasons I haven’t been doing them is poor time management. I get guilty doing side projects without completing my required number of hours at work.

Since┬áthe start of this week, my ex-Bright officemates who are now my colleagues at Scrapinghub started going to a co-working space near us. I noticed that I’ve been far more productive ever since thus eliminating the guilt to do side projects.

I’m still interested in doing the stuff I used to do before, such as┬ámaintaining UP student number databases for my personal consumption. My new interests include archiving or weather data via Project NOAH, archiving traffic data from MMDA and getting all sorts of potentially useful data. I’m interested in making analyses from those data and find interesting patterns from them.

Good luck to me and my new endeavor!