UPDATE: How to redeem Cebu Pacific travel voucher

There are many reasons to be entitled for a Cebu Pacific travel voucher. One could be you’re flight is overbooked and despite being on the airport on-time you’ve been offloaded. It could also be simply as a gesture of goodwill for a delay. Worse comes to worse, your flight is cancelled and you’ve been re-accommodated to another flight. The travel voucher comes with a hotel stay and meals in some instances – especially when you’re already at the airport when the unexpected happened! A full summary of your rights as a passenger are listed in Gov.PH.

How do I redeem travel voucher?

The travel voucher itself contains the instructions on how to redeem your flight. Unfortunately, the text on the current travel voucher is already outdated after they updated their website. Don’t fret though, there’s still a way to access parts of the older website.

The flight voucher says that you have to go to www.cebupacificair.com. As of the time of writing, it looks like the photo above. You can still go to Manage Booking -> click the link on “For your previous bookings, please click here” and view your itinerary. Unfortunately, the travel voucher link won’t appear in there.

Instead of going to cebupacificair.com, go directly to https://book.cebupacificair.com/. From this page, you can follow the instructions on the card from here going forward. Hover your mouse over Manage Booking then click View Itinerary. You can either log in to your GetGo account or enter your flight information. If you’ve logged in on your GetGo account, look for your affected flight on Completed Travels then click View Booking.  You should see something like:

Redeem travel voucher
Just follow the link above to redeem travel voucher

Just follow the link and redeem travel voucher at your own convenience. Just remember though that this link only appears after around 24h after the incident. The voucher is only valid up to 180 days!

Enjoy your free flight with Cebu Pacific!

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    1. You may call Cebu Pacific hotline instead to redeem your travel voucher. You may call them at (02) 702-0888. Try calling on off-peak hours if you don’t want to wait for a long time.

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